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JunXion Carnaval

March 1 @ 10:00 pm March 2 @ 4:00 am

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On March 1st you are invited to partake in a Carnaval celebration where you are at the center. On this night we will celebrate the things of the world and make a toast to these ancient ways.

Some say this time of celebration stretches back to the ancient Egyptians, then to times of the Romans and Greeks where they celebrated Dionysian festivals such as Saturnalia and Bacchanalia. A winter celebration to summon the spirits of the coming spring, a fertility right of ecstatic dancing, a right of passage, a time of indulgence and orgiastic merriment. The 4 days leading up to lent, a time when many pleasures are forbidden, are celebrated as a time of revelry, culminating on Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras.

Today, Carnival is a global festival, celebrated from Rio to New Orleans, Trinidad to Venice, Dominican Republic to Colombia, London to Brooklyn and beyond.

Welcome to JunXion Carnaval.

We are happy to once again partner with Brooklyn Bazaar and Wonderwheel Recordings to bring you a multi room event with music, performance and magick.

Costumes are greatly encouraged, masks, feathers (NO Native AMERICAN War Bonnet HEADDRESSES), beads, puppets, come with your bloco OR your KREWE, carnaval parade, featuring King Cake, King Momo, the Queen of Carnival, Samba schools, brass bands, the JunXionetts, and much more.

All details revealed shortly. Do Join Us.
Tickets: https://carnavalx.eventbrite.com

Consent and Community Culture:
Please remember to practice radical self reliance, be mindful of your personal space and those of others. We care about consent and do not tolerate any behavior in our home that makes our familia feel unsafe. To keep our home feeling good, we need you to do your part. Ask before you engage with another and make sure you get an enthusiastic YES! Anything else is a hard no. If you are going through a hard time or have an issue please try and find a security guard or one of our Junxion Guardian staff who are trained to support you if something happens that doesn’t feel great. Find one of our Consenseis or a security guard to get the help you need.


March 1 @ 10:00 pm
March 2 @ 4:00 am




Brooklyn Bazaar
150 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222 US
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