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Vendor Qualifications

With our unique roster of makers, designers, collectors, and artisans we’re looking to evolve the local shopping scene by bringing some of the most unique and innovative designers to the Brooklyn community. Our team carefully vets each application and hand-selects new vendors based on their ability to represent the Brooklyn Bazaar and meet its competitive quality standards. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Product Representation

  • A cohesive and distinctive design aesthetic that mimics the Bazaar’s overall vision and mission.
  • Brands with an established and professional online presence whose products/services are clearly represented through tasteful photography and web content.
  • A unique selection of inventory that avoids cliched trends and offers various, diverse products to an all ages audience.
  • Affordable goods ranging between $1-$250. Exceptions are made for outstanding products that meet all other criteria.
  • A progressive and evolving product line as you continue to vend with the Bazaar.
  • Products that stand out from others within the same category and contributes to the Bazaar’s mission to be the best shopping destination in Brooklyn.

Vendor Type

  • Original and innovative handmade items including clothing & accessories, jewelry, beauty products, homegoods, art, packaged and dessert food.
  • Uniquely curated collections from domestic manufacturers.
  • Vintage goods and rarities produced more than twenty years ago.
  • Business services and organizations with a mission to improve the local community.
  • High quality packaged and or dessert food to satisfy a variety of dietary preferences that comply with the latest NYC permit requirements.

Application Process

The team is busy reviewing a large volume of applications, so, it’s important to make you and your business stand out. Including detailed information and photos of your product(s), links to all online presences (website, social media, etc.) and photos of booth layouts at previous markets helps the team determine if you are a good fit for the Bazaar.

Prospective vendors are required to submit an application on our website. If you experience problems with the application please try using a different browser or device. Click “Application” tab above to apply.

BKB is a year round market, therefore applications are rolling acceptance. Due to a high volume of applications, we are unable to accept and respond to all submissions. We encourage all vendors to continue perfecting their trade and to apply 6 months after their initial application date if no response is received.

Frequently Asked Vendor Questions

What are the booth fees?

Standard Rates (as of August, 2016)
For 6′ x 6′ booth

  • $155/ For Night Bazaar Weekend Only (Fri Night and Sat Night)
  • $65/ Sunday Family Funhouse Daytime Market (Introductory Rate): BEGINS NOVEMBER 20

Receive 15% off or more, when booking one or multiple months.*
*Holiday Market rates are higher than the standard BKB market rates. Monthly booking discounts do not apply to dates reserved from November 18 through December 24.

Holiday Market Rates (November 18 – December 24, 2016)
For 6′ x 6′ booth (premium booth positions may be available by request)

  • $185/ For Night Bazaar Weekend Only (Fri Night and Sat Night)
  • $65/ Sunday Family Funhouse Daytime Market (Introductory Rate): BEGINS NOVEMBER 20

To secure a booth: Payment is required in full within 48 hours of confirmed acceptance & receipt of invoice


The Friday and Saturday Night Bazaar takes place in conjunction with live music upstairs, our anchor and guest restaurants plus the full basement of games and Karaoke. The Sunday Family Funhouse daytime market will be geared toward families with children aged between 0-10 and will have the advantage of attracting folks that are more likely to shop during the daytime and will be open beside our full brunch offering from our anchor restaurant in addition to music and other programming geared toward children from ages 0-10 and an open basement games area. Vendor hours on Night Bazaar nights are typically from 7PM – 2AM.* Sunday Family Funhouse market hours are typically from 11AM – 5PM.*
*Dates and hours are subject to change. 

Can I book just a Friday or Saturday night?

No, vendors are required to book a minimum of both the Friday and Saturday night sessions. Sunday Brunch Bazaar days may be booked on an individual session basis.

Can I share a booth?

We are not accepting shared booths at this time.

Are there any miscellaneous fees?

Tables – $20/each per weekend
6’x2’ tables are available for rental at the time of load-in and include two chairs. These are available on a first come, first serve basis and must be paid for in advance via our online payment system. Vendors are welcome to bring their own tables, carts, wagons, shelving units, clothing racks, or any other creative visual displays as long as they do not exceed 6’ in width or length or 7’ in height. Tents of any kind are not allowed.

Weekly Storage – $30/week
For vendors accepted to multiple successive weekends, onsite storage may be available on a weekly basis. Availability is first come first serve, and some restrictions apply. We cannot guarantee storage every week. Perishable food items cannot be stored onsite. We take no responsibility for stored items. Vendors will not have access to stored items during the week.

Will the vendor fee change?

All vendor fees are subject to change at any time and can be expected to increase during peak holiday season.

What does my booth fee include?

An approx. 6’x6’ vendor space at the Bazaar (tables are not included in this fee).

Do I need a vendor permit or license?

Accepted vendors are required to register their business with the IRS and pay income tax and New York state tax for all items sold while vending with BKB. Food vendors require additional certification and permitting to serve onsite. We suggest getting in touch with a professional tax preparer, the IRS, or New York Department of Revenue for additional details.

How do I know if I’ve been accepted?

Accepted vendors will be sent an email, list of available dates, and an online invoice.

Invoices must be paid within 48 hours of receipt, and only upon full invoice payment will your space be finalized.

How do I pay my invoice?

Invoices can only be paid using Paypal as this is the most secure method of payment for all parties involved. Payment may be made with Visa, Discover, AMEX, and Mastercard via Paypal.

Once a vendor, always a vendor?

Securing a location at the Bazaar does not guarantee your acceptance for future dates.

What is the cancellation policy?

Vendors are required to provide a minimum of one month’s notice to cancel. Any cancellations made with less than one months notice will not be refunded. The Bazaar is located indoors and is a rain or shine event.

Will BKB help market my business?

Yes! The Bazaar is being promoted year-round, 24/7 to a varying demographics of local and foreign visitors. This allows our vendors the opportunity to expose their work and brands to wide audiences while developing new networking connections, gaining media exposure, and making additional sales outside of the Bazaar.

Social Media – Select vendors will be featured on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and in our weekly newsletter leading up to and during the events. Be sure to include your handles when applying so that we can connect with you.

Website – Vendors can submit a high resolution image of your wares or logo and website link to be considered for the “Market” section of our site.

What is the electrical and lighting situation? I’ve heard it’s dark!

The venue is dimly lit, therefore additional lighting is important and recommended. Acceptable options include: desk lamps, small clip lamps, christmas lights, and any other type of lighting that is directional/works to accent your product. Bulbs must be frosted rather than transparent and 15 watts or less. If lighting does not meet our requirements vendors will be asked to replace or remove.

Are there supplies or equipment available for rent?

No, additional supplies are not available for rent. Vendors must supply all lighting, extension cords, power strips, table cloths, etc. It is the vendor’s responsibility to come fully prepared and to create a fully functional booth.

Where Does my garbage go?

Vendors are responsible for loading out and disposing of their own trash at the end of each night.

 Is there WiFi?

Yes, wireless access is available to all vendors. Vendors must have alternatives to wireless POS systems in the event that our system malfunctions.

Are there ATMs?

Yes, there are ATMs located throughout the venue.

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